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We at Athearn are committed to offering Genesis models that are "as close to real as it gets." With this in mind, we are offering a free windshield wiper and lift ring retro-fit kit to those modelers that purchased our recent SD60M/I. This kit will also come with a template and drill bits.

The SD60M/I shell replacement customer option is in progress. A follow up email will be distributed in July 2016 with an update to the status of this project.

If you are interested in these parts, please contact us directly and have proof of purchase available. We will send one retrofit kit for each locomotive purchased from the list below.

Item                        Description
ATHG67255          HO SD60M, BNSF #9297
ATHG67298          HO SD60M, BNSF/Heritage I #8177
ATHG67299          HO SD60M, BNSF/Heritage II #8186
ATHG67300          HO SD60M, BNSF/Heritage II #8190
ATHG67301          HO SD60I, CSX/ex-CR #8723
ATHG67302          HO SD60I, CSX/ex-CR #8745
ATHG67303          HO SD60I, CSX/ex-CR #8750
ATHG67304          HO SD60I, CSX/ex-CR #8755
ATHG67305          HO SD60M, NS/Horsehead #6774
ATHG67306          HO SD60M, NS/Horsehead #6783
ATHG67307          HO SD60M, NS/Horsehead #6790
ATHG67308          HO SD60M, NS/Horsehead #6805
ATHG67309          HO SD60M, UP/Yellow Sill Stripe #2427
ATHG67310          HO SD60M, UP/Yellow Sill Stripe #2442
ATHG67311          HO SD60M, UP/Yellow Sill Stripe #2460
ATHG67312          HO SD60M, UP/Yellow Sill Stripe #2505
ATHG67313          HO SD60M BNSF/Experimental #8197
ATHG67355          HO SD60M w/DCC & Sound, BNSF #9297
ATHG67398          HO SD60M w/DCC & Sound, BNSF/Heritage I #8177
ATHG67399          HO SD60M w/DCC & Sound, BNSF/Heritage II #8186
ATHG67400          HO SD60M w/DCC & Sound, BNSF/Heritage II #8190
ATHG67401          HO SD60I w/DCC & Sound, CSX/ex-CR #8723
ATHG67402          HO SD60I w/DCC & Sound, CSX/ex-CR #8745
ATHG67403          HO SD60I w/DCC & Sound, CSX/ex-CR #8750
ATHG67404          HO SD60I w/DCC & Sound, CSX/ex-CR #8755
ATHG67405          HO SD60M w/DCC & Sound, NS/Horsehead #6774
ATHG67406          HO SD60M w/DCC & Sound, NS/Horsehead #6783
ATHG67407          HO SD60M w/DCC & Sound, NS/Horsehead #6790
ATHG67408          HO SD60M w/DCC & Sound, NS/Horsehead #6805
ATHG67409          HO SD60M w/DCC & Sound, UP/Yellow Sill Stripe#2427
ATHG67410          HO SD60M w/DCC & Sound, UP/Yellow Sill Stripe#2442
ATHG67411          HO SD60M w/DCC & Sound, UP/Yellow Sill Stripe#2460
ATHG67412          HO SD60M w/DCC & Sound, UP/Yellow Sill Stripe#2505
ATHG67413          HO SD60M w/DCC & Sound, BNSF/Experimental #8197

Questions? Email part@athearn.com or call (310) 763-7140 x122.