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2014 Supertrain Show Announcements
Canadian Specific GP9s and Santa Fe “Topeka Cabs”


To meet the challenging conditions of their operating environment, Canadian National and Canadian Pacific often added features which made their locomotives stand-out from their south-of-the-border counterparts.


Canadian National GP9

• First time: Phase I body
• Road number specific details
• “Muffler” spark arrestors

Canadian Pacific Passenger GP9

• Phase I body
• Rooftop air reservoirs with cooling coil and piping
• Pyle “barrel” headlights where appropriate

Canadian Pacific Freight GP9

• Unique inward bent end handrails
• Canadian winterization hatch
• Slotted cab steps


Santa Fe GP9u "Topeka Cab"

In 1972, Santa Fe began rebuilding their GP7 and GP9 fleet with “chopped” short hoods for improved visibility plus a host of internal improvements and upgrades.

• “Topeka Cab” with interior
• Non-dynamic and “blanked’ dynamic brake versions


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