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All-New Genesis® HO TankTrain
In this edition: Genesis®

Athearn News

Rolling Pipeline

Loading and unloading individual tank cars is a time consuming process so GATX developed a unique solution – the TankTrain .  The TankTrain is literally a pipeline on wheels.  Sets of up to 13 cars are interconnected with a transfer hose so they can be loaded and unloaded from one end at a rate of 3,000 gallons per minute.

Based upon GATX diagrams, as well as photos and field measurements taken from prototype TankTrain cars at GATX’s West Colton repair facility, these new Genesis models faithfully replicate the differences between the 282-number series and 486-number series.  Features include walkways with “saw-tooth” tread pattern and soft vinyl transfer hoses that bend as the cars negotiate curves plus variations of the tank saddles, manways, brake rigging, and transfer plumbing (A-end or B-end).

Initial Paint Schemes:

GATX/Early Large Lettering

• 486.. number series
• 1977 to present

GATX/Late Small Lettering

• 282.. number series
• 1982 to present

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Models are available as an A/B end set plus ten individually numbered intermediate cars.  Preorder by 9/20  at your favorite retailer and bring this rolling pipeline to your model railroad.

We’d like to thank the La Mesa Club and the San Diego Model Railroad Museum (SDMRM) for allowing us to announce the TankTrain on the spectacular recreation of the Tehachapi loop. We greatly appreciate the club and museum’s time and hospitality during our visit with guests from the Athearn Express. The SDMRM is a family attraction and a must see for every railroad enthusiast. If you’re ever in the San Diego area, be sure to visit the museum and enjoy one of the best model railroad layout’s in the world: “The Tehachapi Pass”.



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